Travel | Tips On Choosing A Backpack

Finding a backpack could be easy if you know what you are actually looking for! Obviously, you have to do some research and not blindly buy it. Most importantly, question yourself, for how long will your trip be and the functions that you want on it or simply you just want to get one that is stylish (which in my opinion, seems a little bit rash).
  • Decide what kind of trip it will be, extreme hiking to walk along the city scale?
  • Invest in one that is water resistant so you won't get your things soaked.
  • You also might want to look into all the different functions your desired backpack would have like compression straps, top lid, sleeping bag compartment, daisy chain, padded straps and back etc

    2 zippers can make you lock them up neat! And multiple compartments can make it easier for you to divide your items by categories and make it easier to find things.
  • If you planned to travel long term, its always recommended to get quality backpack. Invest in one.
  • Keep in mind that the standard checked in baggage for airlines is 15kg at most.
  • Do note that backpacks in the shops comes with a tag that state numbers with litres on it like this: 24L, 36L, 68L (as an example). Don't panic! These are actually measurements to help you identify and match your trip length. They are identified litres because measuring in cubic dimensions is a hassle and harder to remember.

    Please refer to the illustration below for better understanding! Basically the smaller the L, its more recommended for shorter trips and otherwise.
Rucksack Size Recommendation Table

If you have any tips to share, let me know and i will put it on this post! Good luck!


Fitness | What To Wear For Jogging/Running?

So before i start telling you about my routine and all, let me tell you what i wore out for a jog/run. Really, you don't need to splurge a lot on an outfit for working out...but to me, i really like to spent a little bit more quality clothing from sports brands like Nike/Adidas etc. So let's start from head to toe:

For my hair, since its long and my fringe ALWAYS gets in the way, i used a bobby pin or clip to pin it up neatly and tie my hair into a bun that stops in the middle. Not too high or i will have a headache and not too low because its just annoying.

Sports Bra
Inner wear is of absolute importance so ditch that bra and squeezed in on a proper sports bra (don't mind it making you look like a man, girls!u ) There is also a level of impact on the sports bra that you choose for examples: Light support (yoga, low intensity cardio), Medium support (cross training, cycling), High support (running, cardio, contact sports) and Maximum support (running, cardio, contact sports). You need good support to focus on your sports! 

Here is some tips:

When trying on a sports bra, check the following things:
  • It should fit slightly tighter than a regular bra, but not so tight that you can't comfortably take a deep breath with the bra fastened on the middle hook.
  • There should be no chafing around the armholes, shoulder straps or seams. If the sports bra has hooks or snaps, make sure those don't chafe, either.
  • The straps shouldn't dig into your shoulders.
  • To make sure you have the right size, raise your hands over your head. If the elastic band moves up your rib cage, you need a smaller band or the straps may need to be adjusted.
  • The cup fabric should be smooth. Wrinkles or puckers indicate the cup is too big.
  • Test the bra's support by jumping or running in place. You'll be able to feel whether it's sufficiently supportive or not.

For my top, i wear Women's Adidas Climalite top. The Adidas Climalite technology is actually quite cool, they use light, breathable fabrics worn close to the skin and conduct sweat away from the body to keep you cool and dry in warm conditions. They have a range of items in this Climalite collection from Sports bra to socks that you might want to check out!

image: adidas Ultimate Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee G74878image: adidas Ultimate Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee G89047

For my bottoms, i have 2 types that i like to wear, the ones that are loose and has a cuff at the bottom, the Adidas Climalite ones to be specific, again. And the ones that are really tight. Why 2? The ones with the cuff is perfect for a casual work out at the gym on a tread mill and the tight ones are used for running outside.

adidas Women's Essentials 3-Stripes Cuffed Pants

You need proper running shoes to go jogging in. Yes. Seriously. Go to a sports shop, ask the sales staff for advice. I am not one to give you professional advice but i know that having a proper running shoes is important. This is to ensure you have proper cushioning, comfort and obviously reduce the risk of injury! And make sure you buy shoes that match your pronation (the way you land your feet on the ground.)

I have stayed true to Nike (shoe wise) and this is my second running shoes that i ever had my entire life (now its kinda falling apart) Its one of the very first few Nike Zoom series featuring the Nike Diamond Flx Technology. I might need to get a new one! 

You can also check out other sports brands like Asics, Puma [The Faas series looks good!], Saucony, New Balance and Mizuno (Just to name a horde that i envy).

Nike Flyknit Air Max is now part of my wish list, though i'm not sure if it fits me. Beautiful isn't it?

Good thing about Nike is that they have this Nike+ App that can connect to your device and track your running via your shoes (Shoes with the orange Nike thing at the base on them only). How cool is that? But i don't use this app to its advantage and uses Endomondo instead.

Sports Accessories
The only accessories i used when i'm out would be the sports arm band to put my phone in. You can easily get a knock off price off Ebay and not spent a ton at branded shops for this one though!

I hope i did not miss anything! So that's about it i guess...on a side note, remember, you don't really have to splurge. Get on in the sports sale and grab some proper sports gear and you are ready to go! Look out for the next fitness post sometime soon! Hopefully this will motivate y'all to run!


Travel | Adventures in Ubin Island

Just a short day trip to Ubin Island, situated north east of Singapore. Ubin Island is one of the last areas in Singapore preserved from urban development and it should definitely stay that way.
Its just a 15 minutes bum boat ride away that cost $2.50 and trust me, the adventures that awaits you is precious. Such a stress reliever to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Here are some photos from the trip with my friends, we were up for trekking, cycling, kayaking & did a fish spa on our feet. I was ticklish so i gave the fish spa a missed and just sit there for an hour watching my friends trying to put their feet in 'bravely'.


Fitness | 7kg of Weight Loss?!

Stop here, if you think this post is about me already LOSING WEIGHT and how i am about to show off the world about it..... you can go and buy a tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie now!
Actually, its more about....how i am going to go about losing weight, healthily.
Here is a little bit of background about me, fitness wise.
As of today, i am 55kg & 157cm. BMI (Body mass index) : 22.

I have a healthy BMI range now but... two years back, i was on a steady 45.5kg with a toned tummy. I have been doing distance running ever since i was 13 back in secondary school. I jogged almost every week.

In October 2012, i weigh 48kg and then gradually gained about 7 more kg till date (March 2014). Yes, 7 more kg of excess fats on my thighs, tummy & of course, everybody's favorite feature of me...my cheeks. I had an injury that last quite a few months (which i'm pretty sure also made me gain a lot of weight as i stopped running.)

What happened was.....

Last year, i was all set to run my first 5k marathon in September so i have been training after office hours. It was then i started feeling pain at my back a lot of times and tingling nerves. Weird things started happening, i was rushed to the ER a few times, the doctors suspected i might have a slipped disc, through investigations and scans, i found out i have an almost straight spine & loss of lumbar lordosis due to muscle spasm. I could not sit up straight for barely 10 minutes and would actually start crying. Yes, my muscle spasm-ed a lot that sometimes i could not move. I did not want to aggravate the matter so i stopped doing running for a while and try to minimize effort until the problem is solved.

For me, running is a passion and i was really determined at that point of time to run the 5k still...so i did one last run just to test the waters...so after months of not running, i hit the concrete floor on the 27th of October. I tracked 3.42 km (shortest i ever did) at 29 minutes (unbelievably slow)....

I was so wrong...it hurts even more. I had to cancel my plans and wait out. I did physiotherapy for a few months and then apply the steps at home. My last physio was in November & i have been trying to get back to running with a new routine.

Basically this whole shitty saga hold me back from getting fit and i get tired really fast. When you are tired, you tend to eat more and then you fell asleep...next thing you know....you are like Snorlax (Pokemon reference). And you don't wish to exercise.

Goal: To lose 7kg till October 2014.

So here's the plan, to lose it all. All 7kg for 7months! Means, 1 kg a month needs to get out of the system.
I recently used this sports application on my android named Endomondo. I highly recommend it for users who would like to track how much and how far they run. I have been using it for the past few years but not so religiously. (The tracking image above is a screenshot of the Endomondo app.)
Right now, i'm determined to use this through out my goal.
Its not like i am not skinny enough, i just don't feel that i am healthy at this current point.

Possible isn't it? To lose 7kg, to lose back what i gained in my worst times....
I will explain my fitness routine on the next post! The food i eat, how much i am actually cutting down and stuff like that...
Like the quote above, a goal without a plan is just a wish.


Pray for MH370

Knowledge is for Allah, Might is for Allah, Power is for Allah, for He is the Al-A’lim, the All-Knowing, the Most Wise.
In the wake of the tragic incident of the missing flight MH0370, let us make DOA / dua’ for the passengers and the family members. May Allah bless them. Ameen.

No words can explain how i feel. I am sorry for the loss. I can only pray there are survivors.
My thoughts and prayers are with the cabin crews and passengers on board flight MH370 that went missing on its way to Beijing, 2 hours after departing from Kuala Lumpur.