Experience Cu Chi Tunnel

"I am so excited to take a picture in that tunnel!" And that, readers, was what the voice in my head keep telling me even before i landed in Saigon. Its crazy isn't it when you are actually there. I was soaking up really well to the history of Cu Chi Tunnels. We (the tour group & my friends), were seated inside an underground space makeshift into sort of a movie theatre, There were some exhibits and models of the tunnel system and a projector showing the history of the war.


Streets in Saigon

Here are some street collective photos that i took the on my first 2 days/nights in Ho Chi Minh City. I'm just obsessed with random streets because they can capture an essence that is hard to explain for me in words. Most of these photos were located in Bui Vien also known as the Backpacker's mecca. 


Dai Nam 616 Death Adventures

After much talking to the locals on where to get the bus to Dai Nam Themepark. And by talking, i meant 'Chicken and Duck' sign language and repeated words that i know kind of conversation. Bus 616 gave us such a luck.

We are up in the bus, no one came to us. I meant the bus conductor. The 3 of us sitting on the left hand side of the bus. I am the odd one out. Suddenly, a lady covered in body socks started to shout and point her fingers at us. She was babbling in Vietnamese to the bus conductor and as i hand my money to him, the lady kept staring at my pouch. Apparently, she is trying to informed the bus conductor whom totally forget about us to make us pay up. Chill woman, we know we have to pay!

I thought that was the end of it all....a few distances later, a couple with a baby entered the bus. The husband tap on my shoulder, told me to get up and sit in front of the "Scary woman". I had to move to give them the seat. The whole time, i was feeling really paranoid as i could hear the sounds of penknife at the back of my seat. This 'Scary woman' is accompanied with an elderly man whom kept leaning to the front as if looking at me. Well, if you are paranoid all sorts of things came to mind right? The bus to bloody Dai Nam was not half an hr, 1 hour or 2 hours...its almost 3hours! Its so far out of the city and the lady only get down at the last few distances. Imagined me trying to act cool and wanting to pee while thinking about my death on the hands of this woman?!


The Chaos Of Saigon : The Beginning

Ah Vietnam! Entering Ho Chi Minh City, previously known as Saigon. I love to reference Vietnam as the Dragon due to the shape it has on the map. I can truly marvel in the country's river tributaries from the sky. Since i'm in Southern Vietnam, that means i'm at the Dragon's tail. Oh well, i'm ready to embark in this journey filled with scams, grumpy faces and also tears and laughter. Its not that bad actually.
So here i am in Ho Chi Minh City as i queued at the immigration quite long enough and observing my surroundings. I saw a bunch of Malaysians filling up the queues really fast and start to wonder why are there so many of them!? After about 15 minutes or so i came face to face a not so friendly man stamping my passport.

"Lie-yeh-na" the man in green called to me.
"It's Lee-yah-na" I tried to correct the way he pronounced my name.
He gave me a blank face. Okay....


A Letter To My Future Self

Hey Liya,

When you look back, this was probably 3-5 years down the road maybe? You will probably be 25/28. Are you surprised you came across this? I know you will be more than interested to have a flashback. Things like these always seems cool for you, like time travel.

Did you finally graduated from that government diploma cert?You know i hate lamenting about how i screwed up my education when i was a teenager. Don't you worry because I am so happy that i got a conditional placement in the school, i'm just waiting for my Bridging course results to determine whether i can proceed with the course right now. Actually, to tell you the truth now, i feel like laying out my admission to the school or never continue at all. I know, i'm so fickle. I'm sorry in advanced if its gonna make you regret now.