Dummy's Guide to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Train System

On my first day in an unfamiliar city, i always try to grasp hold onto understanding the transport system basic at the least. So on my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, i was mesmerized by the train transport system that I decided to put up a step by step guide for those who are interested in visiting this amazing city.

Information on the train systems, types of trains, route maps, different type of transportation card and scenarios are all included in this post.
I will also link up any further information and references in this post so that it is much more detailed and useful for future references.


The Art of Crossing the road.....in Vietnam

So, i made it out alive! That is why i am still typing right here. On my first try in Saigon, i was in for the shock of my life. Yeah, coming from a very organized city with strict traffic rules and what not. Jaywalking over in Saigon is the norm, heck, there is no traffic light!! Even if there is, its situated in smaller parts inside the city but i don't think people actually bother to stop though.

Do you actually think crossing the road in 20 minutes is normal for first timers? Yes! It includes going back and forth thinking if you are going to die, planning out shorter road crossing to your destination, checking out how heavy the traffic flow is, your panic attack etc. Well, done that and SCRAP that! Because i am about to give you some pro tips.


Mekong River and the Python | Vietnam

The Mekong river is the 7th longest river in Asia, it runs through from China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam. That's how the beautiful tributaries are form and you can see it on top of the plane! So in each country it passes through, its called a different name. In Vietnam, its the Mekong river also known as the Nine Dragons river. The ones i visited is of course the lower part of the river. Visiting this river is a definite must when you are in Asia!


Experience Cu Chi Tunnel | Vietnam

"I am so excited to take a picture in that tunnel!" And that, readers, was what the voice in my head keep telling me even before i landed in Saigon. Its crazy isn't it when you are actually there. I was soaking up really well to the history of Cu Chi Tunnels. We (the tour group & my friends), were seated inside an underground space makeshift into sort of a movie theatre, There were some exhibits and models of the tunnel system and a projector showing the history of the war.


Streets in Saigon | Vietnam

Here are some street collective photos that i took the on my first 2 days/nights in Ho Chi Minh City. I'm just obsessed with random streets because they can capture an essence that is hard to explain for me in words. Most of these photos were located in Bui Vien also known as the Backpacker's mecca.